What is a rocker snowboard?

What is a rocker snowboard?

A rocker snowboard, also known as a "reverse-camber" board, features a design where the center of the board is raised, and the tip and tail are turned up towards the sky when the board is placed on a flat surface. This design is the opposite of a traditional camber snowboard. Here are some key characteristics and benefits of a rocker snowboard:

  1. Ease of Turn Initiation: The upward curve at the ends makes it easier to initiate turns, which can be particularly beneficial for beginners.

  2. Float in Powder: The rocker profile enhances the snowboard's ability to float in deep powder, making it an excellent choice for powder days.

  3. Playfulness: Rocker snowboards tend to be more playful and forgiving, making them suitable for park riders and those looking to perform tricks and jibs.

  4. Reduced Catching: The lifted tip and tail reduce the likelihood of catching an edge, which can help prevent falls, especially for novice riders.

Here are a few rocker snowboards to check out in no particular order: 

  • Lib Tech Skate Banana: One of our favorites and known for their "Magne-Traction" serrated edges which helps you keep traction on the mountain at higher speeds and while carving. 
  • Arbor Foundation: Great board to get you into a rocker style. 


However, rocker snowboards may have some drawbacks, particularly in terms of edge hold and stability. They might not provide as much grip on hard or icy surfaces compared to camber boards, and they can feel less stable at higher speeds or when carving aggressively. Despite these trade-offs, rocker snowboards are popular among riders who prioritize fun, playfulness, and powder performance over aggressive carving and speed.

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